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Environmental Public Health is the stewardship in the Community from environmental threats to drinking water quality, food safety, and sewage disposal. Prevention through knowledge is the key objective. In Florida, Certified Environmental Health Professionals in Food Hygiene and Onsite Sewage Programs are required to attend ongoing training in order to earn a minimum number of continuing education hours in order to renew their professional credentials. This requirement also holds true for the Registered and Master Septic Tank Contractors licensed by the state and Registered Sanitarians credentialed through the National Environmental Health Association and Florida Environmental Health Association.

For Onsite Wastewater we have a holistic approach to providing advanced training and technical support to these individuals and others in the community with the intent to elevate the professional state of practice such that onsite wastewater professionals are competent to specify a full range of advanced onsite wastewater technologies and community leaders are confident in the proper utilization of these technologies. With this concept in mind, we have developed a wide range of advanced training courses that will be offered to septic tank contractors, master septic tank contractors, contractors, inspectors, engineers and the public.


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